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The staff visit Taïno Plage for a well-deserved break


Taïno Plage

One week into the camp after countless hours of preparation and few hours of sleep, the team behind the Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 took a much needed timeout and headed to the beach. Although tourism isn’t a major industry in Haiti, it was once known as ‘La Perle des Antilles’ and is, after all, surrounded by the heavenly turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. ‘Taíno Plage’ is a popular getaway for expats living in Port-au-Prince and we spent the day enjoying the sun, a boat trip to a secluded beach, playing water frisbee, snorkeling, a few beers, delicious local seafood and fresh fruit. “As happy as we are working so hard and so long into the night every single night since being here, we all needed a moment of peaceful reflection”, says photographer/videographer Toby Fried who is one of the camp’s staff members and responsible for communications. “Time to process a lot of information, think of how to improve, and face the second week with renewed strength and energy – hopefully!”