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Participant Profile: Nicholson Laguerre

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Nicholson Laguerre

Do you ever get frustrated when you do everything you can to accomplish a dream that you hold dear, but all odds turn against you? If yes, that’s exactly how Nicholson felt- a very highly determined and motivated entrepreneur who is participating in Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 – frustrated and discouraged. Once he graduated from high school, he wanted to study medicine abroad. He decided to apply for a scholarship, but he was rejected at least twice. One day, a friend lent him a motivational book. After reading this book, Nicholson decided to create opportunity for himself. He accompanied a friend to go visit a place where he could buy goods to sell.

There are opportunities in every difficulty, and to him it was an opportunity to start his own business. That was the day that changed his life. A spirit of entrepreneurship found its way in him. With no capital, he was cherishing his business idea. He asked advice from his friends. Some of them were negative towards that idea, but he decided to listen to his heart and took the risk.

One day, he gathered together a group of friends and set up a “SOL”. SOL in the Haitian Creole is defined as a group of people who put together the same amount of money. One of the group members is responsible to hold the money. Every week, a group member is selected to receive it. Nicholson was the first to take the money, then he decided to invest it in his own business. Now, 90% of his income comes from his business. He imports mainly cleaning products from Dominican Republic, then sells them to his friends, and neighbors. Now his goal is to attract more customers; therefore, he comes to participate in Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 to enhance his marketing skills and develop a good market strategy. Nicholson made his idea feasible because he didn’t sit around waiting until he was one hundred percent confident and certain about his business idea. He took the risk because to him, no risk, no reward.