Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 – Help the people to stand on their own feet

Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 is a two-week workshop in Port-Au-Prince from 2nd to 14th of June 2014, run by Devoted Servants in partnership with Rotary Club of Wall Street NY, and Lufthansa HelpAlliance. The Entrepreneurship Camp will be a hands-on learning experience designed to guide the young Haitian entrepreneurs in expanding their business. It incorporates a variety of educational training techniques including classroom instructions and interactive activities. The workshop is free of cost to the participants.


The Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 is designed to teach the young Haitian entrepreneurs business strategies and provide them with the tools and confidence needed in order to run a successful business and retain sustainable profit. It will enhance knowledge and capacity on entrepreneurship and leadership and will not only help their professional development but also boost their personal skills. Our goal is to educate as well as inspire the young entrepreneurs.

What we do:

The bible says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. We want to help the young Haitian entrepreneurs extend their vision beyond the darkness of poverty in Haiti so they can see opportunities that lie before them, then create jobs for the people and so to create wealth.

We believe that Haiti will never be developed only with outside help. The best way to help people is to help them stand on their own feet. The more we empower people with business skills– show them a way forward and an ability to enhance their lives, others’ lives, and to leave a lasting legacy – the less prone they are to adopt violent, desperate or extremist behavior.

We want to build a strong economic foundation within the Haitian community-a hope for the future generations. Where there is no hope, there exists a void that can be filled with whatever anyone with influence cares to fill it. We can be a part of the positive, rather than saying ‘that’s someone else’s responsibility’.

Our speakers:

We have a group of high profile volunteer speakers from all over the world:

  • Dr. Jens Unger – Project Leader at Lufthansa Cargo for Multi-Change-Management
  • Susanne Gellert – Director Legal Department & Business Development Consulting at the German American Chamber of Commerce in New York
  • Troy Sanon, Ph.D – CEO of EMLC Consulting and Services
  • Robin Balser – Founder of several Startups like „Wise Guys“, „darpdecade.com“ and „ConTribute Kenya“
  • Bruno Boucher – Associate Partner Africa at Lufthansa Consulting
  • Etzer Emile – Professor at Université Quisqueya
  • Felix Harms – International Sales at ThyssenKrupp & Entrepreneur
  • Katja Krafczyk – Performance Management at Lufthansa Cargo
  • Mike Veny – Founder and owner of „Fast Drum Skills“.com & Consultant
  • Antonio Guaiana – Management Trainer and Consultant
  • Pietro Montemurri – Senior consultant at Lufthansa Consulting
  • Nils Hermann – Continental pricing at Lufthansa & founder of an innovation thinktank

Who Supports us:

Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 is supported by some organizations that understand the need for entrepreneurship promotion toward the development of a country.

  • Rotary Club of Wall Street NY
  • Lufthansa HelpAlliance
  • MEGA
  • Orbit Image

Be a part of that great journey. It’s not an easy road, but nothing ever is. Together we can positively impact people’s lives and grow at the same time. We guarantee you that the reward will be worth it. 10, 15, 20 or 25 years from now, someone will stand up and say that his life was changed because of you.

Please feel free to contact us:


(509) 3801 2116

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