Participant Profile: Jean Ricot Antoine

Jean Ricot Antoine, or just Ricot, is the owner-operator of a transportation business in Port-au-Princed3 rico and runs a small fleet of trucks, carrying raw material from the mines at Laboule to a refinery plant for processing into concrete and construction materials. He is also involved in a project that will fund a water truck to sell potable water to residents of the region, and use the profits to provide clean drinking water to an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. In addition, Ricot has dual citizenship in the United States, having lived in Georgia and Miami, Florida — operating a similar business there for several years. A self-described “hustler” and businessman, Ricot is charismatic, open, and willing to challenge conventional ideas.

Ricot is attending the Entrepreneurship Camp to gain a better understanding of how to legitimize and grow his existing businesses, as well as branch out into wider markets. He is in the process of incorporating his business to that end, seeking greater financing and a larger team to work under him. He had a strong interest in today’s topic of strategy, and in particular would like to continue to learn about concepts such as SWOT Analysis — Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat — to improve his business chops.

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