“Life is too short to build something nobody wants.”

d3 robin lecture2Many people have business ideas. Ideas they think that will impact a certain target group. But how do they know that they certainly will? To some people, it is a mysterious process, but Robin Balser – a young entrepreneur from Germany – showed the keys to success today at Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014.

Robin used the Business Model Canvas as a tool to allow them to come up with ideas of how they would describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot their business model. He broke the class in small groups and have them identify a certain problem and bring up solution to it. Then, he had some one-to-one sessions to provide guidance on how each participant can improve specific areas in his business.

To him, it is critical to assess the attitude and behavior of the potential customers, and identify the need there is to meet because life is too short to build something nobody wants.

Robin worked for the Startup Accelerator Startup Wise Guys in Estonia and in London. Part of this was being a representative holding workshops and speaking at: Creazone.it in Vilnius, Lithuania.

3 thoughts on ““Life is too short to build something nobody wants.”

  1. Simone Menne

    Great Project! I with you a great sucess..please keep up this Spirit and teach us in Lufthansa also about this. I will keep following, Simine

  2. Rita Diop

    Hi Robin, hi everybody, wish I was there… Rita
    I am deeply impressed with your enthusiasm. Glad that help alliance was able to assist. Edith from our office in Frankfurt will join you on Sunday. Can’t wait to get her report upon return to Germany

  3. Benito Clermont

    It was a pleasure for me to meet Robin. I would like to thank Robin. The canevas Business model help me for my business plan. Thank you and thank you. God Blessed YOU


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