Etzer Emile covers the Basic Principles of Finance

Etzer EmileDay 2 of Haiti Entrepreneurship Camp 2014 brought the program’s first guest speaker out of many to come. We were glad to have Etzer Emile — a young Haitian professor of Economics, finance and Marketing at Quisqueya University — lecture on the topic of “Basic Finance”. Participants learned basic concepts of:

            • the role of profitability in a company.
  • the different types of costs and calculating company’s profitability.
  • a balance sheet

The topic was popular to the group, the core team decided to return to the topic on Monday with a new guest lecturer.

Robin 1

Robin Balser


Nils Hermann

Now we are glad to welcome Robin Balser and Nils Hermann. Robin Balser is the founder of several Startups, he will lecture on “Business Model Canvass”. Nils Hermann is the founder of Innovation thinktank and involved in multiple social projects. He will cover the topic of “Corporate Planning”.


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